A couple of years ago, I attended a 3-day workshop in Texas with an amazingly talented photographer whose work and heart I admire. Her name is Michelle. And on the last day of the workshop, Michelle went around the table and told each attendee something she wanted them to know. At the very end, when she got to me, she told me, “Zai, you need to stop going to workshops.” She paused, and I just stared at her blankly and nervously. “You need to stop going to workshops,” she continued, “because you need to start teaching them. I think you’re ready. I think you need to teach.”

Her words were absorbed into my heart like a sponge.

Here I am now, fulfilling that calling and so happy about it. I want so badly to teach. I want others to feel the way I feel behind a camera. To not just see the beauty in all of the ordinary, but to capture it for all to see.

My vision for this journey is to help  create a path for people to find their own creativity and voice in photography and/or their business. This is not about teaching you how to do things my way. That’s not what photography is about. Photography is using your creativity, your vision and life experiences to capture a moment your own way. It would be an honor to empower you to find that voice of yours, support you along the way and help you grow as an aspiring or professional photographer.

Please note, these mentoring sessions are all designed for people who own a DSLR camera and are familiar with using it. You'll need your own camera, memory cards, laptop, Adobe Photoshop or Camera Raw, and presets if you use them.


These sessions are half a day long and suited for anyone from beginner to pro. We start in the morning at my home in Jensen Beach, FL, where we’ll have some coffee or tea and I’ll spend an hour or so getting to know you and where you are in your photography. You’ll have prepared a few questions for me and an inspiration board so that I can see what you want to learn and where you want to be as a photographer. We’ll go over all of that at this point with some basic note-taking. When we’re done getting acquainted, I’;; go over your work and give you a profile critique. After that, we’ll finally stretch our legs and go out for a day in the town and some time in my garden. I will photograph you so that you can see and learn how I photograph my subjects and make them comfortable in different settings, and I’ll then ask you to photograph me and guide you along the way. After that, we’ll grab a light lunch and have an editing session on your own laptop. We’ll finish the day with any final questions, a hug, and a goody bag from me to you. This session is 6 hours long, includes lunch, and is $895.
Let's do the damn thing.


This 60-minute Skype session is best suited for intermediate to advanced photographers who are looking for ways to improve their work and business. I’m an open book, so we can cover just about anything you want in this time, from photography tips, editing how-tos, business advice, pricing, marketing, posing, etc. Seriously, whatever you want. Before the session, I’ll have you email me 10 of your most recent images, then provide you with detailed feedback with tips to improve. We’ll go over your website, social media pages and whatever else you want feedback on. And truth-be-told, I’ll probably be in my PJs sitting next to my dog Lady Bird while we chat. This session is 60 minutes long and is $370. Every hour after the first 60 minutes is an additional $270.
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